The White Turtle Lodge Treatment Prices

Please look through our current price list detailing the costs for therapies and treatments.

Healing Treatments

All treatments can last up to one hour or longer

Chakra Realignment – £20
(Learn more about Chakra Realignment)

Native American Healing – £40
(Learn more about Native American Healing)

Spiritual Healing – £20
(Learn more about Spiritual Healing)

Trance Healing – £20
(Learn more about Trance Healing)

Therapy Treatments

All treatments can last up to one hour or longer

Crystal Therapy – £20
(Learn more about Crystal Therapy)

Herb Therapy – £20
(Learn more about Herb Therapy)

Light Therapy – £20
(Learn more about Light Therapy)

Magnetic Therapy – £20
(Learn more about Magnetic Therapy)

Sound Therapy – £20
(Learn more about Sound Therapy)

A non-refundable £10 deposit needs to be made when you book your treatment.

Meet our Therapists

Our therapists have training and experience in the disciplines offered on this site. Through years of study and physical application we are able to offer the range of services featured on this site.

Questions or comments?

We value questions and feedback from customers and visitors alike. Please take a little time to enquire for information; we always try to respond the same working day via email.

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