White Turtle Lodge Therapies

Safe, effective and tested therapies used by mankind for thousands of years to bring about restorative change.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a powerful technique to assist healing and cleansing of the mind and body.

Sound Therapy

Sound is an integral part of the physical universe. Science recognises the interaction of matter and sound vibration, its use as a therapy is highly appreciated.

Light Therapy

Light is comprised of different wavelengths respective of the colours that form it. Some regards light as nutrient to the body.

Herb Therapy

Herbs are very important in therapy usage; different herbs perform specific functions both alone and when combined together.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a very old and well understood means of healing used to channel energy to afflicted areas of the body to bring about change.

Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists have training and experience in the disciplines offered on this site. Through years of study and physical application we are able to offer the range of services featured on this site.

I came to see the Mahannah healing team because I suffered from back and hip problems.  I had magnetic healing on my back and legs and I feel that the magnetic healing has helped me cope with my pain.

Pauline Stocks

A wonderful experience!  I had crystal trance healing and I felt so good after the treatment.  My circulation problem within my feet has improved and I now feel so much better within myself.  I cannot recommend Mahannah healing enough.

Irene Stephenson

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