Trance Healing

What is trance?

Trance is based around the principle that you are a spirit within a physical body.  Through meditation, patience, trust, and spiritual development, an individual is able to leave their physical body and allow another spirit to enter the body.

What is trance healing?

Trance healing is very different to normal hands on healing.  In theory every person in the world is capable of healing another person who is spiritually or physically unwell.  However, some healers are stronger than others and this will depend on how well the healer is developed spiritually and how well balanced they are physically.

Mahannah healing is very much based around the principle that therapist and healers alike will have a healing team that work with them during a treatment or healing session.  Through many years of training, development, awareness, and meditation our healers would have built a strong relationship with their healing inspires and helpers.  In all the treatments we offer is based around that contact with have with our spirit healers and family.

Trance healing is the process based around when another enlightened spirit healer enters the mediums physical body to perform a healing treatment.  Depending on the need and the physical problem of the patient will depend which spirit healer will come through the trance medium.  In essence, the stronger the healer the more effective the healing will be.

Trance healing session


turtle-logoOur guiding philosophy is that we treat the condition and not the patient.  Each trance healing treatment has been very different from one patient to another.  One of our main spirit healers is a spirit called Sue.  Sue last lived upon the Earth Plain many hundreds of years ago.  She lived in China and during this time, she worked as a healer working with herbs and roots.  She lived in a village in the mountains and many of the villagers would come to her for medicine to help cure an illness they had.  When Sue went back to the spirit world, her passion to help those that were sick remained.  Sue has now worked with our healing team for many years.  Sue will often come through the trance medium, to help and guide the patient through several of ways.  Sue has an extensive knowledge and understanding about herbs for example, that far surpasses our own knowledge here in the physical.

A patient who is searching for clear answers about their physical and spiritual health or problem should book a trance healing treatment.  In essence, through a trance treatment you will get receive answers that would not normally be found from a doctor or health practitioner here in the physical Earth Plain.

Treatments can last up to over an hour.

Check out this video for more information on trance healing.

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