Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual healing?

Healing is the end product of the manipulation of energy by spirit from the Universal Energy which abounds throughout the universe.  It is the highest form of energy which we have given a name to and that is Love.  The energy is channelled through the physical body by means of the spirit through the spirit to the spirit whether the spirit is within a physical body or on a spirit vibration.  Everyone is capable of connecting to and using this energy we call love.

If you have the love and compassion within your heart  for your fellow human beings, animals, plant life, and mother earth, whether in the physical or spirit.  Some think that you have to be a healer to do this wonderful work which is incorrect.  As long as you have the love and compassion for the life force or spirit that you are sending this energy we call love too, is all you need.  You do not even need to be in the same room, town, county, country or continent to do this work, the power of positive thought is enough which is healing.

Healing always works physically and spiritually even though you may not be aware of the benefits to the physical body at the time of the healing, but it is the spirit within that is aware and knows.  A question that we are often asked is: why would we give healing to the terminally ill?  The simple fact is that the healing energy strengthens the spirit ready for its journey home.

“Remember that healing energy is never wasted”

Physical healing consists of manipulation, implementation, and stimulation of the mind and the physical body.  We can physically enhance the well being of our bodies by combining spiritual energy and physical practices as ways to heal the body and in some cases, the mind.  Sometimes, medicine and medical practices are not enough to help the body fight infection and help it heal.  At the White Turtle Lodge we recognise that the mind is a powerful component to help heal and de-stress the physical body.  If the spirit is strong and spiritually prepared, it can achieve anything.

We all recognise the term healing, when used in the context of physical healing but it is important to remember that whilst we need to take care of our physical bodies, it is imperative that we pay attention to our spirit also.  If our spirit is strong, we are able to cope with any physical problem we may encounter.  Many people will have received healing in one form or another and most believe it is the person administrating the healing who is the master of this gift, when in fact, it is the spirit who draws close to administer the healing.  The process is thus; from spirit, through spirit, to spirit.  Therefore, you will be able to see that this is a three way process and one that is truly inspiring.

Another form of healing is that of, “absent healing.”  This process can be done by anyone, at any time, at any place, whereby we send out positive, loving thoughts to those that need them.  This brings us to the subject of those we consider to be a bad or evil person.  For example, it is difficult to send out positive and loving thoughts to the murderers, rapists, sex offenders or those that abuse children.

We also hear of people in prison who say they have, “found God.”  Often it is the case that they have had time to reflect and judge themselves for their actions and the spirit within is becoming stronger.

“Spiritual healing is considered one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe”

We can all send out our thoughts to those that have committed these crimes so their spirit will become stronger and brighter, thus trying to make the world a much brighter place.

Perhaps the most difficult task of all is to help people to look into their subconscious mind and try to break down the barriers which have taken them on to this terrible pathway in the first place.  Physical healing has become much more accepted over the past few years and is a relatively new concept in the areas of healing.

The next step is to enlighten people that this healing process starts from the spirit within.  For example, that of a child who is sick and it is hard to understand why this sometimes happens.  In this case, it is the physical body that needs the healing which is down to the medical profession to come up with a cure.  Sometimes, if the cure does not work, the child will go back home to spirit.  The loved ones left behind, such as the parents, will need spiritual healing as it is important for their spirit to stay strong to stop them falling into depression.

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