Native American Healing

“The most authentic Native American Indian healing practice within the United Kingdom”

Over the past 4 years, many of our Native American Indian friends have guided, inspired, and taught us some of their ancient ceremonies and healing rituals.  These ceremonies and rituals are thousands of years old and we guard them close to our hearts.  We have developed and brought together these Native American Indian rituals and ceremonies to share the power and benefit of spiritual and physical healing in a very unique and special way.

Spirit teachers such as Little Raven have taught us some of the ancient Lakota healing ceremonies, in the hope of healing those that are sick spiritually or physically.  There are four main principles that are key in the Native American Indian healing; the importance of self-healing, the importance of meditation, the power of herbs, and the power and importance of prayer.  The healer will also combine other aspects within the ceremony or ritual such as chanting, smudging, drumming, and dancing.  The Native American Indian believed that sickness was caused by negativity and allowing negative spirits close to them.  We believe that we are all a spirit within a physical body and that our emotions, good, and bad come from our spirits within.  These emotions can manifest themselves and can create imbalances and blockages within our physical bodies.

Scientifically we can now except that negativity or negative thinking such as stress can lower your immune system and disrupt your nervous system.  By mediating and praying you are able spiritually, lift and heal your own physical body.  With the help of the healer who is able to channel that healing energy from the spirit world, is also able to guide the patient into a deeper state of consciousness where the patient is able to meet their healing guides and animal friends.

Each healing treatment will be slightly different depending on the need of the patient.  The ceremony and ritual performed on the patient will also be slightly different depending on the physical or spiritual problem and the spirit healer will detect and determine very quickly what treatment will be best for the patient.

Many have chosen this healing treatment as to experience something very unique and special.  It is indeed an experience not to be missed.  Many of our patients who have chosen this healing treatment are those that suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, sleep-problems and cancer patients.  This healing treatment can last up to over an hour

Check out this video for more on Native American Healing. 

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