Mahannah Healing

History of Mahannah Healing

Mahannah healing was first created in 2012 by a group of healers who sought out to combine spiritual as well as physical healing.  The group of healers worked within a spiritual circle simply sat and sent out their energy and love to the world and the universe.  One of circle sitters Steven Hemingway began to develop in trance mediumship working with various spirit healers.  One of those spirit healers was a spirit friend called Mahannah.  Over many months of communicating with Mahannah we began to receive much knowledge about Mahannah and where she came from.  Other enlightened spirit teachers such as Natsuki, Matsimoto, and Kai also played an important role in our spiritual learning.  We now except that Mahannah belonged to a race in which we call the Bakou.

Who are the Bakou?

The Bakou were a race of people that last lived upon the Earth Plain 3.8 million years ago.  First known knowledge of the Bakou has been dated back as far as 12.2 million years.  The Bakou people where considered an enlightened race living as one with the Earth, its animals and plant life.  They had a deep understanding about the power of herbs, crystal, magnets, and sound.  The Bakou where not technologically advanced but rather focused their knowledge in healing, music, art and other creative development’s.  They lived by the sea and in the area in which we call the North Pole.  Some settlements also stretched around North America, Siberia, and Northern Russian.  They were also a peaceful race which focused on unity, harmony, family and all working as one.

The Bakou communicated with each other telepathically and many of the Bakou people could connect themselves spiritually with certain trees.  Some even could communicate with animals especially dolphins, whales and other sea creatures.  The Bakou believed that everything was interconnected and that everything around them was part of the web that bonds all spirit together spiritually and physically.  They respected all life forms and they were considered to be mainly vegetarian.

With little disease the Bakou could live up to 200 years and they could reach to over 7-8 feet tall.  As hundreds of thousands of years passed, the Bakou faced a critical problem.  Their face started to die off; some families where not breading and some families where only having one child in their lifetime.

Who is Mahannah?

Mahannah was the last tribal leader of the Bakou people before they died off.  Since her people returned to the spirit world, many of her people did not want to reincarnate back to the Earth Plain.  As millions of years passed, Mahannah and the Bakou people lived in the spirit world as they did when they lived on the Earth Plain.  By isolating themselves spiritually the world on the Earth Plain changed.

Charles Darwin was one of the first spirit teachers that made contact with the race of the Bakou in the spirit world.  Mahannah became the first Bakou to make contact with the modern world and with Charles Darwin.  Charles Darwin and among other spirit teachers are building a strong friendship and bond with many of the Bakou elders including Mahannah herself.  Their knowledge and wisdom is greatly needed in the world today.

Why now?

As Mahannah and other Bakou elders drew close around the Earth plain around 120 years ago, they were extremely saddened by what mankind had done to the Earth and life itself.  Mahannah felt that mankind had lost his way and that we needed guiding back on that true pathway of spirituality.  The world needs more healers not more bankers!

As one

Mahannah is now one of many spirit teachers who have been brought together to help save the world and help bring forth that spirituality that is within us all.  Mahannah and the Bakou have so much knowledge about the power of healing and how that healing energy can be channelled from the spirit world to the Earth Plain.

Mahannah and other Bakou elders have brought together other spiritual teachers, healers, inspires and helpers from across the world in the hope of saving the Earth Plain from total destruction.

Philosophies of Mahannah Healing

  • The importance and power of meditation
  • Awareness of one’s physical body and its spiritual needs
  • Your undeniable spiritual connection with the circle of life
  • The importance of self-healing
  • Acceptance in that everything is energy
  • Understanding that we are bonded by light and love
  • We must find true balance and harmony with onself

Other areas in which Mahannah healing encompasses:

  • The importance of sleep
  • The importance of exercise
  • Our relationship with herbs as our true medicine
  • Understanding our relationship with food and water as our medicine
  • Undeniable proof of the existence of the Chakra system

Energies used within Mahannah Healing:

  • Universal
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Cosmic

Continuous road of learning

Our aim as a spiritual movement is to teach, guide, and inspire others and to teach simple spiritual truths.  It is our hope that we can inspire others to become Mahannah healers.  Mahannah is perhaps one of the most unique and special healing organisations in the world today.  With our continuous communication with spirit teachers and the knowledge and treatments that are being shared and taught here cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Mahannah Healing Techniques

Eagles Eye Healing Treatment – Originates from Ancient Japan.

  • Eagles Eye was taught by our spirit teacher Natsuki. This technique is closely linked to the Third Eye Chakra area and areas associated with that Chakra are the eyes, nose, and mouth areas.  Those that suffer from ear problems, tooth problems, gum problems, or nose blockages should choose this treatment.


Green Viper Healing Technique – Originates from Africa.

  • The Green Viper technique is connected to the Heart Chakra area and all surrounding organs and gland are also connected to the Green Chakra. The Green Viper technique is often used to help people with heart palpitations, breathing problems or lung problems such as asthma.  It is a good technique to use when feeling stresses or when you are unable to sleep properly.


Dragons Breathe Healing TechniqueOriginates from China.

  • This technique is used to raise the vibrations for the Throat Chakra area and bring realignment. The Throat Chakra is also connected to the Gland of the throat and the voice box.


The Orange Moon Healing TechniqueOriginates from the Native American Indian Tribe of the Lakota Sue Nation.

  • This technique is connected to the Sacral Chakra and is part of the sexual and reproductive organs. Anyone having problems in those areas then this treatment should be used.


 Red MonkeyOriginates from South America.

  • This technique is closely linked to the Root Chakra area. This technique helps ground the patient and strengthens the connection between patient and Mother Earth.


Red Monkey Part 2Originates from the Native American Indian tribe of the Lakota Tribe.

  • This technique is used to spiritually and physically protect the patient and strengthen the auric field.


Sunrise Healing Technique This techniques combine three major healing techniques that originate both from Ancient Japan and from North America.

  • This technique is often for: pregnant women, stomach problems, large or small intestine problems or physical problems associated with the Solar Plexus area.

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