Spirit Foods

Over the past 5 years we have been researching and promoting various foods and herbs that are important and critical to our physical bodies.  We believe that our body is our temple and that we must do our part to look after it.  There are many different types of foods and herbs that bring great spiritual and physical benefits to our bodies.  In essence we are and we become what we eat and drink.  We also strongly believe that certain spirit foods and spirit herbs are nature’s natural medicine.  Everything that our bodies need is found in nature and not through manmade products.


What are spirit foods?

We have accepted that we are a spirit within a physical body and that we have returned upon the Earth Plain to learn progress and experience a physical life.  Without the health and well-being of our physical body we would be unable to experience a physical life to its fullest.  Our aim as a spirit is to live a long and healthy life within the physical body we have chosen.  Spirit foods are various super- foods and herbs that are considered greatly beneficial to our physical bodies and minds.

What can I do?

Changing our eating habits and looking at what we consume may be a difficult task at first.  But once you have got yourself into a routine and discipline yourself you will find everything will start falling into place.  We have to do our part to evaluate what we eat and what we drink and to cut out what is bad for our physical body.  Sometimes we don’t even know what is bad for us.  So many different health organisations bombard us with so much information that it can sometimes be very confusing.  One health organisations may say that one type of food is good for us and then other health organisation will say it’s bad for us.  Who can we trust and who do believe?

Sometimes it is easier to simply carrying on eating the rubbish that we know is bad for us.  But we must start teaching ourselves and our children the importance of eating foods and herbs that are very important to our physical bodies and our minds.

It can sometimes be very difficult especially when researching what type of food or drink is beneficial for us.  Everything we learn and are taught at the White Turtle Lodge Healing Sanctuary is from our spirit teachers.  We do not read any books which makes our organisation not only unique but also very special.  All the information we receive is from the spirit world.

Tasting Good

“All foods that are natural and have not been tampered with”

Eating healthy does not mean being boring.  Combining different types of spirit-foods can mean that you are not only eating healthy but where you are enjoying eating heathy too.  There is a great misconception that we must cut out certain types of foods out of our diet.  The only foods that we advise to cut out of your diet are all-man-made foods.  The world today is plagued by obesity, diabetes, and heart problems caused by eating unhealthily and eating the wrong types of foods.  Our food companies fill many of our products with chemicals that have a negative effect to our physical bodies’ short term as well as long term.

We can change that by changing what we buy, where we buy our foods and by growing our own foods.  How many of us actually read the labels of foods we buy?  It may be virtually impossible to read every label when we shop otherwise we would be shopping for hours.  However, we must start teaching ourselves and researching what is within the foods we buy.

It is also very important to highlight that we all individuals and hence we have different needs.  Our philosophy at the White Turtle Lodge is that we heal the patient not the condition and this is very important to us.  So certain spirit foods may be beneficial to some but not others.  Some foods are to be consumed on a regular basis and some can be used as medicine.

200 Spirit foods

Spirit taught us that there are 200 spirit foods that are very important to our physical body.  One of those spirit foods is Aloe Vera and this why we promote the many different products Forever Living is producing.  We believe that Aloe Vera has many different benefits to the physical body and why it is one of the 200 spirit foods we promote.

Nearly 67% of food we eat, we don’t need to eat.  Many of the foods we eat don’t even contain enough nutrients, minerals, and vitamins our body needs. This is why spirit foods are so important and should be consumed on a regular basis.

No need to diet!

How many of us have been on diets?  I’ am sure many of us have been through those relentless and endless pathways of trying to loose and shed those extra pounds or to be a little healthier.  Diets don’t work, because we always stray off that path once we have met our target.  Soon after many of us, fall prey once again to the rubbish foods we tried to avoid during our diets.  Eating healthier doesn’t mean that the food we eat must taste boring nor does it mean we must spend large amounts of money.

Eating healthy can be easy and fun and you will feel so much better once you get yourself on that pathway of healthy eating.  We must also remember that every person is different but so many people use the same diet when really a diet should meet the need of your body rather than the other way round.  Eating healthy should become a way of life not a chore.


At the White Turtle Lodge we focus much of our research in preventing illnesses and diseases rather than just looking and researching for a cure.  Preventing from being ill or sick is very important.  We must also highlight that just because you feel good physically doesn’t mean that the body is strong.  Certain viruses and bacteria’s can lay dormant in your blood stream for months at a time without you even knowing.  We just never know what is going on within our physical bodies from day to day.  What we can do is learn to eat the right foods and herbs and learn to trust our own body.

What we eat and drink can greatly influence the harmony and balance of our energy systems within the physical body negatively or positively.  Certain foods and herbs can help strengthen the body’s immune system and fight off viruses and diseases.

By strengthening the immune system and other critical physical systems, you are in turn preventing further physical damage being caused by long term illness and disease.  There are many different types of herbs and foods that are excellent in strengthening the immune system.  These types of herbs and foods should be consumed on a regular basis.


Maintenance is very different to prevention.  Where prevention concentrates on preventing an illness or a disease from occurring, maintenance focuses on strengthening and healing an ongoing physical problem.  If you have broken a leg then that bone will eventually heal.  In essence the body will heal itself if it’s given the right minerals, nutrients, and vitamins it needs.  That broken bone may have been healed but that leg will never be as strong as it was.  That leg will need constant maintenance for life.

A smoker, for example, who has stopped smoking, has done damage to their lungs.  Those lungs would have been filled with tar which can stay in the lungs for many years and this is where the problem can arise.  What needs to be done is to clear the lungs with certain treatments, herbs, and formulas that clear the lungs weeks or days after the smoker has stopped smoking. By leaving the tar within the lungs does more damage long term.

‘Maintenance’ also focuses on healing that physical problem for life because a broken bone may need constant maintenance longer than you may think.


Finding a cure for an illness may not be an easy task.  However, it is much harder to heal someone who is ill and especially if they have not done their part in the healing process.  Curing someone is in essence much harder and this is why preventing an illness is much easier and more effective to the physical body.  Once ill, you must not only fight that infection, disease or virus but you must also try and build back up that immune system you have lost during the illness.

Any illness or disease can be cured naturally by certain foods and herbs.  Though majority of the spirit foods are used as part of the maintenance and prevention stage, we are still researching many other types of herbs that can help heal the physical body and used as medicine.

Understanding your body is key and you don’t always need to rush to see your doctor to be healed.  There are many different things you can make, prepare, and cook to

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