Chakra Realignment

What are Chakras?

There are 12 main Chakras that govern and control the energy flow throughout the physical body.  Chakras are often referred to as ‘Energy Centres’ pushing and moving physical and spiritual energy throughout every part of the physical body such as the muscles, organs, glands, and bones.  Chakras are closely linked to the theory of what many ancient Asian cultures referred to as ‘chi’ the life force that governs the body.  Meridians too are also closely linked to the Chakras.  Some of our ancient teachers likened the Chakras as lakes of the world and the meridians the rivers and arteries of the Earth.  Every Chakra has a role to play in keeping the flow of energy of the physical and spiritual body in perfect harmony.

We believe that we are a spirit within the physical body and that body cannot function or survive without the spirit and vice versa so the relationship between both vibrations must work together in harmony.  Each of the 12 main Chakras is linked to specific organs and other physical systems of the physical body.  All of the 12 main Chakras vibrate on a specific frequency and emit different colours.

The Spiders Web Theory states that everything in the universe is interconnected and nothing is separate.  Every Chakra and every meridian is interconnected and must work together to ensure the health and balance of the physical body.

Do we all have Chakras?

Every person in the world, including animals has Chakras.  However, because everyone is different spiritually means that some Chakras are stronger than others.

Why are Chakras important?

Understanding the Chakras is very important because without the health and balance of our Chakra system we would become physically or spiritually unwell.

What is the Aura?

The aura is created by the chakra system of the physical body.  As the Chakra system moves and pushes energy around the body, the Chakras emit light and sound.  The auric field in essence is created by the Chakra system.  Some Chakras in some people are stronger than others which mean that those strongest Chakras will make the auric field of that person.  Some people will have what we call either a two or three tier auric field and this will depend on two factors, the strength of certain Chakras and how spiritually progressed they are.

The colour of the auric field will not normally change throughout the life of a person.

What would cause our Chakras to go out of balance?

We believe that the biggest cause of disease and illness in the world today is stress.  Mahannah healing teachers us that there is two distinct types of energies that affect the Chakra system: which are positive and negative energy.

Though what we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, how much sun we get and how much we exercise also affects the Chakra system, it is believed that stress and negative energy is the main contributor in the disruption and creation of illness and disease within the physical body.

Understanding our own bodies and understanding our relationship with our food for example is key in maintaining a balanced body, mind, and spirit.  Even though the Chakra system is mainly referred to as a spiritual system it plays an even more important role in keeping that vital chi energy flowing throughout the entire physical system.


The well being and function of each chakra is very important because if one stops functioning properly then it will cause physical problems.  Wind-mills rely on wind to turn its propellers.  If you can imagine the wind being the energy force that governs and stimulates the physical body and the actual wind mill and its propellers are individual chakras you can see that everything within the body is interconnected.  If one area stops working, it will have a knock on an affect to other areas within the body.  Each chakra may have thousands of individual propellers surrounding them and the propellers push and take energy to important key areas.  The heart chakra for example is interconnected to the lungs and to the actual physical heart and therefore the heart chakra will govern and maintain the energy force surrounding that particular area.

As a healer you are able to detect blockages within a patience physical body.  Each blockage will give off a pulse or a ripple of energy that can be detected either by simply placing your hands on the body or another more effective method is by scanning the actual aura field.

Chakras will malfunction for many different reasons and unblocking them can be relatively easy.  But a healer must first detect these blockages before a treatment can be determined.  Because someone may have heart problems may not be directly connected to the actual heart chakra, it be caused by other factor and therefore the root of the problem must first be detected.

Each chakra pulsates different amounts of light and energy.  Some chakras are stronger than others.  If one chakra malfunctions then that light will dim and physical problems can occur.

The power of mood and emotions

Our mood and emotions stem from the spirit itself which is our true-self.  The body provides various ways for our spirit to express itself emotionally and this is important.  Negative emotions, for example, stem from what we call fear and fear can be very harmful to the physical body.  Our spirit teachers have taught is that negative emotions are like tremors.  Those tremors shock and disrupt the harmonious energy systems of the physical body. In essence they are like mini- electric shocks.  Long term negative emotions such hate, pain, and suffering can seriously harm the body.  Even our negative thinking can lead us onto a pathway of illness and disease.

Mahannah healing teaches us that we must look at healing the patient first rather than placing the focus on healing the condition of the patient.  It is believed healing the patient first emotionally and spiritually will enable the self-healing process to be much more effective.  This is why positive thinking and being positive can have a profound effect on the healing process.

The power of our mood and emotions can greatly influence the health of our physical bodies.

How can negative energy affect me physically?

Our body is influenced by light, vibrations, sound, and energy. The delicate array of these energy systems can be disrupted by many different reasons.  One of those main reasons is by negative energy.  Physical illness and disease does not occur over a short period.  Negative energy can build up over a long period before it affects any physical system.  Negative energy is like an army wanting to destroy your defence system such as your immune and nervous system.  Negative energy can also disrupt certain Chakra systems and block the energy system around certain organs and other physical parts of the body.

Negative emotions 

Fear-Jealously, ego, hate, pain, emotional-suffering, frustration, doubt, envy, guilt, grief, despair are some of the negative emotions that can manifest and cause illness within the physical body.  Remember every day we are expressing ourselves emotionally and we know it would be virtually impossible to switch off those negative emotions.  However, without addressing those emotions can lead to depression, sleep problems, anxiety, and many other illnesses.

How would I know my Chakras are out aligned?

There are many different signs when your Chakra system is out-aligned.

  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems
  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Pain
  • Feeling lost

If you are still unsure then one of our therapists will be able to detect if any of the Chakras are out aligned.

What else can affect my Chakra system?

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Food
  • Lack of sleep

Chakra realignment treatment

Chakra realignment is very simple treatment that we have used many times on patients and is probably the first treatment we would recommend. By realigning the Chakra system is very important for the health of the mind, physical body, and the spirit.

A physical operation

We highly recommend having a chakra realignment treatment before and after an operation.  This is to ensure the auric field and other Chakras are working properly.  For more information on this subject please contact one of our therapists.

Check out this video for more information on Chakra realignment.

Chakra Realignment Therapy Treatments


Rainbow Chakra Realignment TreatmentOriginates from Ancient China.

  • This technique is one of the most popular techniques we use to realign the Chakra system.


Tigers Roar Healing Technique – Originates from India.

  • This healing technique is many thousands of years old and is often used for spiritual realignment. This unique treatment is directly connected to the Crown Chakra and directly rebalances the entire spiritual Chakra system.

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