White Turtle Lodge Healing

Focusing on healing and balance to the human mind, body and soul.

Chakra Realignment

Events we live through can knock out Chakra out of phase, re-synchronization is an essential and rewarding process

Mahannah Healing

Our own refined method of healing to bring about change and renewal.

Native American Healing

Long standing and revered healing methods used and practiced throughout history in the North American continent.

Trance Healing

Reformatting the hard drive of the body so to speak.

Spiritual Healing

Sickness of the spirit maps onto the physical body; renewal of the spirit is the foundation to a healthier life.

Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists have training and experience in the disciplines offered on this site. Through years of study and physical application we are able to offer the range of services featured on this site.

Didn’t go with a particular ailment, but felt both energised and relaxed afterwards.  Professional and discrete service.

Margaret Pavitt

I had a Native American Trance healing session and after the treatment I felt so uplifted. I have suffered from depression for many years.  I’ am now starting to work towards giving up my tablets which I feel I don’t need anymore because I feel so lifted and good.  I cannot thank the White Turtle Lodge enough for helping me.  God bless you all.

Ian Myers

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