Healings and Therapies

The fusion of science and spiritualism are the foundation for our practices here at the clinic. Simply put, you are what you eat and what you think.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a specialised type of treatment. The atomic arrangement of crystals differentiate themselves from rocks significantly. The resonant frequency of crystals vary according to density and colour.

Aloe Vera Products

Aloe vera is an essential nutrient used in our super food and healing treatment repertoire. We use only fresh stabilised inner leaf gel with only natural preservatives (no synthesised products).

Chakra Realignment

Chakra realignment focuses on the 7 primary chakra centres in the human body. Each centre is responsible for specific emotional attributes and moods. The challenges we face in life can often knock them out of phase.

Sound Therapy

Sound is vibration energy. At the atomic level there is vibration, substances (elements and compounds) resonate even when they visually appear to be still. Music affects matter and our complex biochemistry in powerful ways.

The White Turtle Lodge

We are a physical and spiritual healing clinic based in Fleetwood. We believe the road to a healthy lifestyle requires the nurturing of both body and spiritual needs. Our clinic is focused on combining the two in tandem to yield real positive change.

Meet Our Therapists

We have therapists trained in established antiquital healing methods, integrating classic herb lore along side contemporary nutritional science. It is essential to address issues at their core in order to see true beneficial change.

Frequently asked questions

We welcome questions and we do get asked quite a few from clients and visitors. To this end we have put together a frequently asked questions page; it’s a great place to start if you are looking for quick answers and explanations.


Presently we are versed in several disciplines of healing including Chakra, Trance and Native American. Please visit the link below to find out more.

healing therapies


We currently perform 5 different types of healing therapy; crystal, sound, magnetic, light and herb. Different therapies are used to target different problems.

Healing Foods

Food and the nutrients contained within are essential tools to aid the body in re-growth and change. We use carefully selected, natural foods that accelerate healing processes.

Aloe Vera Products

Inner leaf aloe vera gel is a miracle blessing. Fresh gel is highly potent, man has long since recognised it’s tremendous properties including it’s cleansing affect on the digestive system.


We run courses of healing workshops including both spiritual and nutritional discipline training. Theses classes can be accessed by anyone wishing to discover and perform methods that they would like to impart to either themselves or others.

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At the White Turtle Lodge and at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre, we are continuously learning and researching ancient healing techniques and treatments.  Our aim is to bring these ancient healing treatments into the modern world.  Every day new treatments are being shown to us in the hope of expanding our knowledge and understanding about the body itself and our relationship with our environment.

We focus on you:

  • Before treatment – Assessment by therapist that will determine what treatment will be best for you.
  • After treatment – Advisement will be given
  • Aftercare Further treatments maybe needed
healing therapies

Treatments we offer

We offer a range of treatments to assist with short term and long term conditions of the human body. Specific treatments are used to help with individual maladies and ailments.

We help those that suffer from these physical problems:

  • Headaches, migraines, head injuries, epilepsy, depression, and anxiety.
  • Eye problems, snoring, stroke conditions.
  • Addictions/ drug/ smoking/ and alcohol.
  • Throat Problems.
  • Heart problems, blood pressure, cholesterol problems,
  • Glandular problems/ dysfunction, imbalances of the hormones.
  • Stomach problems, high levels of acid.
  • All types of cancers.
  • Bone breakages.
  • Muscle knots,
  • Back and muscle problems
  • Diabetes
  • And much more
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